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Category: Swimming Pools

Large home and swimming pool

8 expert tips for designing a swimming pool to enhance your home & lifestyle

If you find yourself getting to the end of each summer thinking ‘next year I’m definitely getting a swimming pool’, then now’s the perfect time to start planning what you really want from a pool.
The right swimming pool design will work for your family situation increasing opportunities for the kids to play and reducing time driving to the pool or beach. It should also work for your property …

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paved swimming pool with planting

NZ Swimming Pool Fencing and Rules

How to avoid ruining your beautiful new swimming pool with an ugly fence design!

You have a beautiful pool in mind, you’ve gathered together all your inspiration pictures, however if you do not take the right steps during your design process the reality is the swimming pool fencing can ruin it. Whilst your design is being developed you must take into account how the fencing will work with your swimming …

Seamless connection achieved with the view by using a weir as pool fencing

NZ Swimming Pool Fencing Solutions

Swimming pool fencing can make or break a swimming pool design.  If it is handled well, the finished result will not detract from your view of the pool or your outdoor living. Below are a few ideas, and tips for a stylish swimming pool fencing solution.

Basic Pool Fencing rules

The basic swimming pool fencing rules require a 1200mm minimum height barrier around the pool enclosure.  There …

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