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Monday, April 20, 2020

Feijoa Focus Time!

This is the season for feijoas!   One of the treats of an Autumn Garden!!

Feijoas are not only are delicious, but they also make excellent landscape plants with wonderful thick silvery foliage. Great for screening plants and hedges.  They are tolerant of many soil types and will tolerate some wind and light frosts.  Remember to prune soon after fruiting or before new seasons growth as they flower at the base of the new growth.

Even though  some feijoas are self-pollinating, it is a good idea to plant a variety of species to ensure the best possible cropping and the longest possible cropping time.  Fruiting times range from March to June, if you pick the right varieties. Plant at least two different species for maximum cropping.

Feijoas have high Vitamin C . One fruit will provide 23 percent of an adults daily needs!

Feijoa hedges

Silvery foliage of the clipped Feijoas contrast beautifully with smaller textured hedges.

Fun Fact

The  flower petals are delicious to eat and as they flower at Christmas, the flowers decorate food beautifully.

Feijoa Flower

The succulent plump petals of the flowers taste just like feijoas themselves.

The combinations we often use for our clients as below:

Unique – Very early season, March/ April.  Small to medium, sweet, mildly aromatic fruit, prolific.  Smooth juicy pulp.  Self-pollinator.

Apollo –  Mid-Late season, May-June. Large sweet, tasty fruit.  Smooth pulp.  Semi self-pollinating.

Mammoth – Mid–Late season, May-June.  Medium size aromatic sweet fruit.  Slightly gritty, soft juicy pulp.  Needs a pollinator.  Good with Triumph.

Triumph – Late season, June.  Medium size aromatic fruit.  Slightly gritty, soft juicy pulp.  Needs a pollinator.  Good with Mammoth.

Feijoa fruit

Feijoas can be smooth skinned as with these Mammoth variety or slightly rough pitted skinned like with the Apollo variety.


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