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Friday, March 19, 2021

How to grow roses in autumn

Roses are known around the world as beautiful and fragrant flowers that hold special meaning — especially when given to you by someone you love. If you’re interested in growing these special flowers to enjoy them for yourself, autumn is the perfect time to get started. New Zealand’s temperate climate is suitable to plant roses anytime of the year, but autumn is preferred by gardeners and rose-lovers alike because the soil has an adequate amount of moisture (but not too much). The following tips will help you grow those stunning roses you’ve always wanted in your garden:


Find a Suitable Area

While the climate in New Zealand is certainly the place to have a flourishing rose garden, it’s important to make sure that you place the roses in a suitable location. You should choose a place that gets plenty of sunlight — roses require approximately six or more hours of sunshine each day.


Use Proper Mulch

Not all mulches are made the same! You will not have blooming roses if you don’t make sure that you use sufficient mulch. Not only should you choose to use mulch that is nutrient-packed so the roses can thrive in their environment, but you should also make sure that you have a thick layer of mulch applied at all times. After the summer months, mulch (if already planted) becomes decreasingly thick and dry. This isn’t good as mulch should always be thick and damp to create a suitable environment for the roses. If you placed your mulch prior to summer, simply add some more on top of the pre-existing mulch to make sure your roses are happy throughout the year.


Insects and Fungus

Here’s the good news: you don’t really need to worry about insects during autumn. The biggest worry you should have is combating fungus that may appear as the colder months of autumn start to come. While you can choose to not do anything if you’re alright with some infected roses, we suggest that you apply some fungicide spray to the affected areas.


Deadhead Your Roses

Your roses can not thrive if there’s deadweight holding them back! In order to grow roses successfully, you should deadhead your roses in early autumn. If you’re not sure exactly what the process of deadheading entails — it’s when you cut a finished bloom from a flowering head. Here’s all you need to do: simply take pliers and cut off the finished flower just below where the stem and the base of the flower meet.


If you take the time to follow all of these steps, you will be able to enjoy beautiful roses in your garden all year long. Now you can truly wake up and smell the roses whenever you’d like!

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