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“These workshops would be ideal if you are thinking of getting your property ready to sell!”

“It’s very hard to design swimming pools in a rural situation without making them look foreign or introduced, and I was trying to blur the edges so that you didn’t ruin that rural feeling.”

“People appreciate gardens in different ways. Some enjoy gazing out at their flower beds, while others like to get their hands dirty working in the vegetable patch. For children, the garden is a place to play.”

Landscape designer Robin Shafer says creating structure within a garden is important.

This can be done formally or informally, however it is important to consider proportion in order to create spaces or garden rooms that complement the architectural style of the house.

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“It was back in the mid 90’s when Jenny and I created/planted the garden following your design and planting schedule precisely.  We’ve had so many years of enjoyment from it!  We sold the property back in November last year and it was the garden that was the star feature and subsequently attracted the buyer!  Thank you again Robin.”


The Thompsons