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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Midas touch

Balinese inspired property with tropical plantingAlfresco living is so integral to modern lifestyles that landscape design is no longer an afterthought. Rather, it is a crucial element of the overall architecture.
Robin Shafer of Shafer Design says a project has much more scope if landscape designers are consulted early.

“A thoughtful landscape that enhances the architecture will increase the value of a house substantially.”

Shafer says a successful project invariably involves teamwork and good communication between homeowners and designer, and also subcontractors, whose work she oversees.

Shafer does not promote any one particular style, as every project demands a different design response.

“A subtropical garden, such as the one featured here, may be a solution for a house with resort-style architecture, but my experience over 25 years designing gardens has allowed me to master several different styles.

These range from modernist designs to more formal traditional layouts, or landscapes that are completely naturalistic. Swimming pool design is a particular interest.”

Although based in Auckland, Shafer undertakes work throughout the country.

For more details, contact Shafer Design.

Outdoor Living & Holiday Home Trends volume 2503

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