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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Plants that can beat the Kiwi heat during summer

The combination of high temperatures and scant rainfall during the summer can be harsh to many plants. That Kiwi heat can be unrelenting to your poor garden!

But don’t panic just yet.

There are lots of beautiful plants that can beat the summer heat. Here are our top recommendations:


On top of our list is everyone’s favourite: succulents. These come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. The most popular ones include spiral aloe, echeveria elegans, burro’s tail, and jade plant.

Succulents are desert plants, so they thrive on lots of sunshine and minimal watering. To avoid overwatering your succulents, wait until their soil is super dry before you give them a nice soaking.

Make sure not to overcrowd them, too. Carefully replant your crowded succulents into individual pots to give them room to grow. 

Summer bulbs

Bulbs like nerine, freesia, begonia, allium, and bearded iris are a great choice for your garden this summer. As the name suggests, these flowering bulbs are quite sensitive to the cold and thrive best in the summer heat. The best part about summer bulbs is that they come in various colours and shapes, giving your garden an explosion of colour. They lend a pleasant fragrance to your garden, too!


Many consider the calendula as a super plant, and for good reason. Best known for their fiery orange blooms, the calendula is also edible and has numerous health benefits. You can harvest its flowers and add it to your salads and greens. You can also dry the flowers and create an ointment to help heal wounds, cuts, and skin problems.

If you’ve got a vegetable garden, the calendula can serve as a sacrificial plant, attracting pests away from your produce.

This gorgeous plant grows all year; it’s resistant to drought and isn’t picky with the soil. 


Portulaca or moss rose love basking in the sun. These plants make for beautiful ground covers, what with their vibrant flowers and succulent-like leaves. Portulaca plants are very low-maintenance; they thrive on sandy, well-draining soil and don’t need a lot of watering. They’re resistant against drought as well.


If you want a flowering plant that can also serve you well in the kitchen, plant some rosemary in your garden. Rosemary plants are popular for their blue flowers and fragrant, misty-green leaves.

This herb is easy to grow; like portulacas, they love well-drained, sandy soil and lots of time in the sun. Plant them in terra-cotta pots to keep them dry.

African Iris

They may look dainty, but don’t be fooled. The African Iris (dietes vegeta) is a tall, flowering plant that can withstand even the harshest Kiwi heat. These beauties are drought-tolerant but produce better blooms when watered once a week. They are quite prone to nematode infestations, though, so make sure to check your plants regularly. 

Is your garden ready for the summer?

The plants we featured above barely scratch the surface, but they’re enough to make your garden ready for the summer.

Still on the fence about your garden design or not sure where to start? Don’t worry. Our garden design services can help you out, not just in picking the right plants, but also in designing your garden around your family’s needs.

Send us a message today and let’s get that garden ready for the summer.

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