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Monday, February 15, 2021

Tips for Growing a Hedge

Have you ever caught yourself feeling envious over a neighbour’s attractive hedge but felt the process would be too difficult? There’s a common misconception that growing a hedge is extremely difficult — but the good news is that these appealing living fences are actually quite simple to grow and maintain. While growing a thick and healthy hedge doesn’t necessarily require you to be a professional landscaper, there are actionable steps you can take to ensure your hedge flourishes. 

The key to a successful hedge is to choose plants that will prosper in your climate. Teucrium hedging proves to be a great option as these versatile plants can range anywhere from six inches to eight feet in height. Teucrium is a member of the mint family; there are a variety of charming shrubs that fall underneath the umbrella of teucrium hedging. The great news is that these plants are easily adaptable and will be an amazing addition to your landscape. 

After you’ve decided which plants you’d like to compose your hedge, you must plot a line to determine where the hedge will lie. You could create a hedge that is straight or one that has a curvature — the choice is yours! The important thing to remember is that you should utilize a measuring tape to mark the designated area so you can space each plant out accordingly. Be sure to water your hedges often so they stay healthy; adding about two to three inches of wooden mulch will allow your hedge to happily grow as the mulch will lock moisture inside of the soil.

Most issues are manageable when it comes to growing a hedge. For example, you may notice that your shrubs appear to be weak when they first start to grow. You could remedy this situation by taking some wooden stakes and placing them in the ground to act as a form of support for your new plants. You’ll need to also add wire or string to run between each post as well. The most common issue will be keeping weeds away from your growing hedge — nearby weeds will deplete your hedge of the moisture and nutrients it needs to grow. Please be mindful to keep the area around your hedges weed-free. 

Once you embark on the journey of growing a hedge, you will find that the process is quite pleasurable. It’s rewarding to grow plants — this is especially true when the plants will serve a specific function in the years to come. Happy hedge-growing! 

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