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About Us


At Shafer Design Studio we draw our inspiration from nature, from plants and from art. We utilise this in the creation of our landscape designs which are relevant, responsive and luxurious.

“The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.” – Claude Monet


At Shafer Design Studio we create gardens based on a considered and seamless blending of the client’s needs, architectural style of the property and the wider environment. These factors contribute to a garden which feels as if it belongs where it is and reflects the individual lifestyle of its owners.


Shafer Design Studio’s strengths lie with the ability to create landscapes with strong, clean, structural lines, providing the backbone to our designs. These elements allow for the development of clear and readable landscape designs. Shafer Design Studio enjoys the challenge of working across a variety of architectural stylings and delivering a harmonious solution, from the formal to the natural and everything in between. The team at Shafer Design Studio are passionate about creating effective solutions for our clients.

Our design studio produces high quality landscape design services for commercial, community and residential projects across the country. We are able to offer landscape architectural services including landscape design and design of urban environments.

Swimming pool design is a particular area of speciality at Shafer Design Studio. We bring a wealth of expertise in this area, and deliver well considered, exciting design outcomes.

Why choose to work with Shafer Design Studio

The Shafer Design Studio team involve clients in the design process from the very beginning, being sensitive to their needs and the characteristics of the existing landscape and architecture. Rather than imposing our own style on a client’s garden, we prefer to act as tools, by which the clients can bring their own ideas to life.

Past clients have appreciated our open communication and willingness to create a design which is unique to their tastes and lifestyles. We prefer to keep away from fads and flashy design which can quickly date- instead we work towards simple, timeless gardens which will maintain their integrity for years to come.

Explore our work:

“From a supplier’s point of view working with Robin and Team Shafer is an outstanding experience. 

Team Shafer place high emphasis on meeting the needs of their customers to the highest standard possible.

They are effective in communication, design and project management and their attention to detail makes my job and the ultimate result for the client a winner every time.”

-- Manda Hellier (Bisazza Product Manager, Tile Space)