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Camellias – Versatile and Showy

Mon Dec. 13th 2021

Camellias are a genus of evergreen shrubs and small trees originating from the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia.

Perennial Salvias Care Guide

Wed Dec. 8th 2021

Perennial and annual salvias, also known as sages, are an amazing plant for cutting and is loved by bees and butterflies alike.

Liquidambar styraciflua care

Fri Dec. 3rd 2021

Liquidamber styraciflua, also known as the sweet gum tree, is a beautiful plant species with stunning autumn colours.

Box Hedging Tips

Wed Dec. 1st 2021

There are four main categories of box hedges

How To Grow Mondo Grass In Your Garden

Thu Nov. 18th 2021

Mondo grass, (also known as monkey grass), is an evergreen perennial that makes an amazing ground cover grass-like plant.

NZ Swimming Pool Fencing Solutions

Wed Nov. 3rd 2021

Swimming pool fencing can make or break a swimming pool design.

House of the Year

Fri Dec. 11th 2020

Modern architecture and landscape design at its finest.

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“Having worked with Robin and her professional team of designers for many years I have always been impressed not just with their professional approach to their work but also their unique and innovative approach to design. This always results in an individual landscape design for each client and allows us to construct the unique pools these designs have. Their vast experience and attention to detail always results in a successful outcome for each project and makes them a pleasure to work with.”

-- Carlos Morgan (Morgan Pools)