NZ Swimming Pool Fencing Solutions

Wed Nov. 3rd 2021

Swimming pool fencing can make or break a swimming pool design. If it is handled well, the finished result will not detract from your view of the pool or your outdoor living. Below are a few ideas, and tips for a stylish swimming pool fencing solution.

Basic Pool Fencing rules

The basic swimming pool fencing rules require a 1200mm minimum height barrier around the pool enclosure. There should be no protrusions or toe holds greater than 10mm (that would enable climbing) and no gaps greater than 100mm anywhere. Self-closing outward opening gates are also a basic requirement. The most common is to use a steel or glass fence but there are other forms of “barriers”, a few of which are mentioned below. Boundary fences can be used as pool fencing but have particular requirements.

Please refer to NZ Government rules for swimming pool fencing for a complete guide.

Glass Pool Fencing

A glass fence can be very expensive. It also can create quite a hard look with its fixings and reflectivity, so needs to be handled carefully.

It’s worth considering the following tips for glass pool fencing:

Steel Pool Fencing

Steel fences are less expensive than glass, although a custom-made fence is still about ¾ the price of glass. Steel can be quite a hard element but with hedging at the base the fences will be softened and less imposing. Strong architectural steel blade fences are popular at the moment. However, be aware that from some angles the view through the fence will be totally blocked as the blades line up.

Retaining as Fencing

If your pool is raised or on a slope, there are a few clever ways of using the height difference to negate the effects of pool fencing.

Note: There is a rule that if a drop is more than 1 metre then a handrail will be needed, (negating the benefits of the removing the swimming pool fencing fencing by retaining). Ideally Make the retaining wall exterior itself 1200mm high but the actual soil level at 900mm with 3-400mm high planting and you will be able to look out over a lovely low green ground cover behind your pool rather than a fence.

If you need help with your pool fencing then please do not hesitate to contact us, we’d be only too happy to help!

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